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IRT3000Adria 48/2019

Od travnja do lipnja njemački se bruto nacionalni proizvod smanjio za 0,1 posto u odnosu na prethodni kvartal pa postoji mogućnost da najjača europska ekonomija uđe u recesiju. Slično je i u Italiji. Budući da su te zemlje važni uvoznici hrvatske robe i usluga, tamošnja bi kriza stigla odmah i do nas.

IRT3000Adria 47/2019

Can the Filipinos save the Croatian metalworking industry and the plastics and rubber industry?

Croatian entrepreneurs started to import workers from the Philippines into tourism, and if they are already not doing it, they will soon be bringing workers from that distant country into construction. Engineers and workers from the neighbouring countries have already gone to Western Europe. Filipino workers are imported through their state agencies in a similar way that Croatian workers went to work to Germany forty and fifty years ago, with a contract guaranteeing that they will return to their state of residence where their years of employment are recorded and where they have health insurance the whole time they are abroad.

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IRT3000Adria 46/2019

Various futurists have been afraid for years that most of today´s professions will disappear because they will be replaced by robots. Just as they scared people 30 or 40 years ago that their profession would disappear because it would be replaced by computers.

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