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IRT3000 hrv naslovnica 48

September 2019  

Toolmaking and machine-building

Production and logistics

Applications of additive manufacturing in the tool industry

NajavaZa91-1No, additing manufacturing will not be a substitute for serial production for a long time. However, as a supportive technology it can drastically improve the tool making process, which improves the efficiency of production. For years, much has been said about disturbing innovations and technologies. Many trends are expected to change the manufacturing industry forever. Smart production, digitization, industry 4.0, and more recently 5G can interfere with the current way of work. The only problem is that nobody can really verify whether the new technology is successful or not.

Automation of production process in Titan foundry

NajavaZa92-1Foundry Titan is specialized for the production and machining of castings and before the automation of the production process, most operations were manual, especially cast part grinding and feeding of CNC turning machines. Because manual grinding of castings represent a hard labor, the company decided to introduce robotic cells for grinding of casted parts.

  • Designing chip breakers
  • What is CAD / CAM
  • Refurbished machine for more space and more flexibility
  • SCHUNK invests 85 million euros in its production capacities
  • Overview of PCB surface defects
  • Modular system for direct manual clamping of workpieces in a wide range of applications


Joining, materials and technologies

Trends in technologies and materials for injection molding in the automotive lighting equipment industry

NajavaZa91-2With the development of electric vehicles and the constant pressure to reduce costs and the use of LED sources, drastic changes began to occur on the market of light equipment for cars. The complexity and requirements of products are growing from year to year and require new innovative approaches to designing and manufacturing of these products. The use of new materials, new technologies and manufacturing processes is a necessity for survival in the global market. The paper presents a comparison between typical products in the lighting equipment industry in the past, today and in the future, trends in product development and trends in the development of thermoplastic materials, technologies and processes.

Dedicated filtration on production floor

NajavaZa92-2Kemper presents a new line of filtration towers and air treatment known as CleanAirTower. The system is designed for air conditioning of all spaces in smaller companies. The system is very suitable for smaller and medium amounts of smoke and is connected to the cloud and therefore allow remote access to vital operational data. Kemper suggests the use of the system as an addition to the existing local suction system.

  • New elements for easier construction of Meusburger tools
  • Biodegradable materials made in Slovenia
  • New hot nozzles from HRS company
  • Mobile application in the field of welding
  • Milano Fair focuses on metal forming and welding with the trade show »LAMIERA«
  • FSW head as an upgrade of CNC machine tools

Advanced technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

Europe in the development of batteries conquers the world

NajavaZa91-3The European Commission has supported its industrial champions in the fight against global dominance in the value chain of the battery sector. Batteries are becoming a key strategic sector for meeting future mobility and decarbonizing the economy. The union, to which Slovenia joined, is becoming an important European testing ground for the industrial policy of the future. At the same time, a new European Platform for Technology and Innovation of Batteries has been established in Brussels, bringing together the resources of private and public actors and linking industry and research stakeholders.

Basics of troubleshooting in hydraulic systems

NajavaZa92-3The next issue of the IRT3000 magazine will presents a systematic approach in eliminating breakdowns in hydraulic systems. In this field it is very important to understand the meaning of different signs. When searching for mistakes in a hydraulic system, the focus should be on determine if the pump creates a flow, if there is no pressure, if the flow resistance creates pressure, if the flow hydraulic fluid influence the actuator speed, if the pressure determine the force (hydraulic cylinder) or the torque (hydraulic motor), if the hydraulic fluid always find the shortest and easiest path, …

  • European countries have supported the partnership of chain data technologies
  • With a perovskite solar cell above silicon
  • Electricity from wireless networks
  • School of lubrication
  • Technical diagnostics news
  • Cleaning methods in production



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