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Toolmaking and machine building:

HETEC GmbH: production of complex tools with five-axis machinning centres Hermle

NajavaZa45_1Presentation of the development of HETEC GmbH from Breidenbach, founded in 1998, where machining centres of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG and other advanced technologies enable the production of complex tool components in the accuracy of hundredths of millimeters.

  • Precision machining of large workpieces
  • Advanced tool handling
  • Remote monitoring of production


Production and logistics:

New solutions for tube, pipe and wire measurements

NajavaZa45_2Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, a specialist in metrology and production systems, has announced a new approach to measuring pipes and wires. The AICON BendingStudio's modernized version of AICON's proprietary programming tool, together with the ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated optical scanner, quickly determines the complex geometry of pipes and wires using 3D scanning technology at almost any time in the manufacturing process.

  • Production of the future: presentation of Industry 4.0
  • People in a smart factory: strong as individuals, invincible as a team
  • The digital prototype adds value to engineering in the company



Optimizing and controlling the process of injecting moulding of semi-finished products with optical requirements

NajavaZa45_5By introducing LED technology, the requirements for accuracy of semi-finished products with optical functions in the lights have drastically increased. In the development phase it is necessary to perform optical measurements for each lamp, which must meet the legal requirements that the product must meet throughout the life of the product. All manufactured products must meet legal requirements regarding light values, so the robust and stable product injection moulding process is vital.

  • New TPE Teknor Apex for medical applications
  • High-performance HPT Covestro
  • New extruder Coperion for research, laboratories or smaller batch sizes


Maintenance and technical diagnostics:

Effective cleaning of parts starts with the right basket

NajavaZa45_6In the next issue of the IRT3000, the relevant product washing basket will be presented. Company Metallform has developed special MEFO-BOX solutions for effective cleaning. Standard cleaning baskets make installation of various products possible for efficient cleaning without covered surfaces. The baskets are built modularly and can be customized according to products that are cleaned.

  • School of hydraulics maintenance
  • Basic lubrication school
  • Methods of cleaning in production


Modern technologies:

Ars Electronica 2018 Festival

NajavaZa45_3The Ars Electronica Festival attracted more than 100,000 artists, scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, youth and social activists in Linz, who explored the current technological and social interdependence and their potential future manifestations. This year's festival of science, technology, art and society has dealt with the theme of errors, where imperfection is an opportunity for new, unexpected solutions.

  • With 3D printing to concrete ceiling panels
  • The new optics of ultra-speed cameras shifts the image processing boundaries
  • Safety of industrial control systems


Joining, materials and technologies:

News in Laser Welding with Fiber Lasers

NajavaZa45_2Effective fibre lasers allow many innovations to be applied when manufacturing different medical devices. Lately, fibre lasers have become small and compact, expanding the possibilities for marking and welding polymers in the manufacture of medical components. Manufacturers of medical components in the purchase of new lasers or in the replacement of older lasers also strongly consider the size of the system. The reason for this is the limited and expensive space in clean spaces where medical components are usually manufactured.

  • Smart Extraction Technology: KEMPER further digitizes safety at work
  • EOS M 300 new 3D metal printer
  • Sciaky and Lockheed Martin are starting production of fuel tanks for satellites using an electron beam


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