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March 2020  

Toolmaking and machine-building

Production and logistics

Gun barrel honing system

NajavaZaHR50-1Manufacturing precision rifle barrels has always been something of an art that involves hand lapping of the bore surface twice, before and after the rifling profile is cut or swaged in by a rifling button. In fact, a bright, hand-lapped bore is considered one of the hallmarks of a precision rifle barrel, despite the inherent variations from manual work done by people who get bored and tired from the monotonous chore. Pac-Nor Barreling, Inc. set its sights on this issue more than a year ago and hit the X-ring with the newly developed Sunnen HTE honing machine.

The extensive PGN-plus-P product range provides an advantage

NajavaZaHR50-4"No matter what robot-assisted automation solution we are planning and implementing for our customers, I always find what I need in SCHUNK's PGN-plus-P portfolio when looking for a suitable gripper – and if ever something doesn't fall under the standard scope, my contact person at SCHUNK helps me devise a customized solution.", says Thomas Imme, Project Manager Mechanical Production in HandlingTech Automations-Systeme GmbH.

  • Does the injection nozzle really need to be round in section?
  • Copper alloy tools
  • 3D printing with fiber reinforcements
  • New two-way differential pressure sensor for extremely low pressures
  • Bilsing Automation announces the next generation of carbon fiber tools
  • Future gripping systems will be smart, collaborative and fast to install


Joining, materials and technologies

Proper preparation of granulate is the basis for a good product

NajavaZaHR50-2In the production of thermoplastic materials, one of the important links in the product chain is the proper preparation of granulate. In recent years, there has been an increase in the share of recyclates - milled regranulate, which needs to be properly treated for reuse. What is basically good for virgin pellets, it is often not good enough for recyclate. Drying mode, temperature and drying time play very important roles in the preparation of pellets of hygroscopic materials.

News from Formnext Additive Technology Fair

NajavaZaHR50-5The Formnext 2019 Additive Technologies Fair was held at the Frankfurt Fair from November 19 to 22, 2019. The fair featured a record 740 exhibitors from thirty-four countries, a 7 percent increase over the previous year. The showroom is up 35 percent this year. Most exhibitors were from Germany, China, United Kingdom, France, Italy, USA and the Netherlands. As many as 285 new exhibitors have exhibited this year.

  • MES system for only one injection moulding machine
  • New SABIC Noryl WM330G
  • Micro membrane on KraussMaffei injection moulding machine
  • Additive manufacturing of large products
  • Welding in space
  • Development and production of the largest robotic pliers in the world

Advanced technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

Opportunities and challenges of cooperation in the military industry

NajavaZaHR50-3The military industry is considered the engine of technology. Alexander Mankowsky, a futurist at Daimler, told IRT 3000 last year that the development of technology is a fairly straightforward matter, as confirmations of ideas are found in the military industry. And how do you approach the brainchild of technology? How to work with the European Defence Agency and contribute to breakthrough, pioneering technologies? What are the challenges and opportunities for collaborative research, development and innovation for military purposes?

Troubleshooting for closed hydrostatic drives

NajavaZaHR50-6In the next issue of IRT3000, we will introduce you how to approach troubleshooting for closed hydrostatic drives. It certainly requires additional knowledge and special techniques. We will first introduce the basic principles of operation of closed hydrostatic drives.

  • The secrets of the world's most innovative universities
  • Innovation Radar 2019
  • Six-axis miniature industrial robotic arm
  • Basic lubrication school
  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production



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