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12,000 holes with diameter 1 micrometre in one second

NajavaZa93-1A new generation of extremely fast process technology is now available on the market. Higher average laser power and higher pulse energy promise higher performance and efficiency. For example, during the manufacturing of micro filters the holes smaller than 1 micrometre are produced much faster. A possibility for better usage of pulse energy is a multi-beam concept, which includes splitting of laser beam on several beams. The team for laser technology at Fraunhofer ILT institute develops this technology since 2012.

Mirobot: 6-Axis Mini-Industrial Robot Arm

NajavaZa94-1Inspired by the famous ABB IRB 6700 industrial robot arm which is utilized in advanced factories around the world, Mirobot was created as a small, affordable, and user-friendly mini-industrial robotic arm that is accessible to everyone. Designed for makers, robot enthusiasts, engineers, and students to learn coding, study robotics and more, Mirobot can perform any number of tasks including automated tasks, picking and placing, assembly and more.

  • Plasma cutting: advantages and weaknesses
  • Partially removable metal prosthesis made by additive technologies
  • New metal filaments Ultrafuse 316L for 3D printing
  • Systematic approach to ideal tool holder
  • Precise cutting of foam parts with the help of Ensenso 3D-camera
  • Light and compact robotic tool changer



K 2019

NajavaZa93-2In October this year Düsseldorf fair ground will open its door to the biggest fair for plastic K2019. Exhibition boots are fully booked and more than 3,200 exhibitors from the entire world will display their novelties. Trends in plastic industry are changing fast in recent years; biodegradable materials, new technologies for injection, extrusion and thermoforming, 3D/4D printing processes, light construction and also Industry 4.0. There will be also a rich accompanying program with numerous specialist lectures.

Degaussing pipelines on the field before welding with EWM Degauss 600

NajavaZa94-2High-pressure gas lines must comply with the highest safety standards meaning that every weld seam has to be perfect. That’s why companies operating gas lines regularly inspect wall thickness in pipes.

  • Engel celebrates 30th anniversary of injectors without guides
  • Better cooling of tools with spiral inserts from HASCO
  • Composite structure of car rear seats
  • Additive manufacturing of large parts
  • A new biocompatible nickel-titanium alloy has been developed for dental implants
  • Australian manufacturer of dental implants equipped with Lithoz's system CeraFab for additive manufacturing of ceramic parts



Festival Ars Electronica 2019

NajavaZa93-3Festival Ars Electronica celebrates it 40th anniversary with its most extensive program until now. » Out of the box – The Midlife Crisis of the Digital Revolution « is the theme of this year, which will attract pioneers and revolutionaries from the field of digital revolution of the last four decades and awarded artists, leading scientists, modern influential developers of the future and policy makers in Linz.

Common symptoms of hydraulic failures and their causes

NajavaZa94-3In the next issue of IRT3000 magazine will be presented common symptoms of hydraulic systems failures from unusual loud noise, high working temperature and slower working operations. These symptoms can occur individually or combined. First of all it will be presented what are the causes of unacceptable increase of noise and the consequences on hydraulic equipment.

  • 3WAY celebrated its 29th anniversary
  • Indestructible guitar technology
  • Billion from Microsoft for machine imitation of the brain
  • Lubrication junior school
  • Novelties on the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production 


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