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IRT3000 88/2019

The region of Kočevje is well known for its magnificent forests and many bears. Well, since this year also for robots. That sort of robots who manufacture other robots. You probably did not know, but the Municipality of Kočevje is the largest municipality in the Republic of Slovenia, covering the area of overwhelming 555.4 square kilometres. It has 86 settlements with approximately 16,000 inhabitants. Kočevje region is therefore quite sparsely populated, as 90 percent of the landscape is covered by forests, dominated by dinar forests of fir and beech. And real old-growth forest.



IRT3000 87/2019

Do you also feel that this year, at every step, you listen to and read about artificial intelligence? 
I have it. It's exactly what I felt in 2017 when they spoke and written about crypto, when they bombed me with crypto info from all sides, and for the most abused word of last year, I would choose a word blockchain.


IRT3000 86/2019

Are you ready for servitization?

After digital transformation and industry 4.0, manufacturing companies are confronted with a new high-definition word - servitization. This, like others, predicts a significant revolution. Can it happen?

In the past, the link between manufacturers and services was extremely black and white. Manufacturers produced a wide variety of products, while service companies offered services. But times are changing. Boundaries continue to erase, and so are classical manufacturing companies before the new transformation, which is driven by the trend of servitization.

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IRT3000 85/2019

We have it! Engineer of the year.

I am proud of the "first generation" of engineers of the year, to all the girls who applied for this selection. I believe that a stone began to roll, which will trigger the avalanche. The avalanche, which the industry still needs. This January will certainly be remembered by the domestic industry, which I am sure of. At the first choice for an engineer of the year - which is also unique on a world scale - the CD club in Cankarjev dom was too small for all visitors of the event, so many people watched an event from all possible positions.

Introduction IRT3000 85 .pdf

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