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Micro-Epsilon launches unique new combination sensor for plastics measurement


Precision sensor manufacturer, Micro-Epsilon, has launched a unique new sensor system that combines an eddy current sensor with a capacitive displacement sensor in a single housing.

180902-P5The company says the new ‘combiSENSOR’concept enables high precision one-sided thickness measurements of plastic film or coatings applied on metal objects, plates or sheets.

The combiSENSORcombines two non-contact displacement measuring principles – eddycurrent and capacitive – which together enable high precision one-sided thickness measurements of electrically non-conductive materials.

Micro-Epsilonsays the sensor is ideally suited to applications in the plastics industry to determine the thickness of plastic film, plastic coatings on metals, as well as applied adhesives on felt or tapes.

Connected to the sensor via a cable, the combiSENSOR controller processes and calculates the signals in order to output these via digital interfaces.

Calculation of the two sensor signals compensates for any mechanical changes to the target object/material, such as thermal expansion, deflections or eccentricity. Due to the redundancy of this combined sensor measuring principle, Micro-Epsilonsaysthe measured thickness value remains unaffected by any changes in the measurement set-up.

Due to the high temperature stability of the combiSENSOR, the system is said to provide high measurement accuracy even in fluctuating temperatures.

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